There are many different ways for you to find your place among our community and build lasting relationships and friendships that will encourage and inspire you.  If you are looking for an inclusive place to belong to, and participate in, we invite and encourage you to learn more about us.  


We would like to invite and encourage you to explore the worship service offerings, educational settings and rewarding participation opportunities listed below to discover New Hope Baptist and how you can grow with us and us with you. 

Youth Ministry   

The Youth Ministry provides our youth with the opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaches them how to live a life that is pleasing to God. The Youth Ministry is serious about the growth and well-being of our Youth as they transition into young adults. Hence, promoting growth and development of their personalities, along with positive moral and spiritual enhancement

Youth Bible Camp

This program provides four weeks of summer activities that enhance academic, social, and emotional development for children. Also, this Ministry provides wholesome activities conducive to their learning and growth. Respectively, they will also learn to accept responsibility for their actions in a fun, and loving environment.

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry (Y.A.M.) is a Bible and faith-based ministry that ELEVATES young adults to reach their full potential as they serve God in the uplifting of His kingdom. The ministry provides spiritual support with leadership that not only educates, but EMPOWERS them as they develop, strengthening their personal relationship with Christ. The ministry thrives to create an environment that will equip young adults to take the ministry beyond the four walls of the church to help others and draw others to Christ.



Men’s Ministry

Our mission is to lead men to Christ and disciple them towards finding the fullness of their potential in Christ. That they develop spiritual, draw closer to Gd, and become leaders, “not only in their families,” but in their sphere of influence, and be the true leaders God attended us to be, as they follow the greatest man, “Jesus Christ.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry undergirds the Pastor and Church in prayer. This ministry prays that God’s will in Heaven be done on Earth. This ministry intercedes, arbitrates, and intervenes on behalf of the people and ministries of New Hope Baptist Church. This ministry prays that the people of New Hope Baptist Church will receive VICTORY in their everyday life! There must be an interview with the Pastor before becoming a part of this ministry.



Media Ministry

Media Ministry’s primary goal is to ensure that audio and visual productions are precise. This ministry strives to ensure that the ministry of the Kingdom of God is presented in a Christian perspective so that those receiving may feel the intensity of the ministry through media. Additionally, this Ministry assists with carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually driven, ever-changing Word by technology and media.

Missionary Ministry

The purpose of the Missionary Ministry is to address the needs of the church and the community. This ministry strives to fulfill and perform the duties of service with commitment, loyalty, dedication, and prayer.

Married Couples Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to provide spiritual resources, social opportunities, and support to married couples. This Ministry will restore, revive, and renovate the sacredness of marriage by spiritually empowering men and women to a deeper understanding of God’s ordained purpose for their unity.

Music/Choir Ministry

Our talented musicians and choir members seek to discern the flow of the Holy Spirit in each worship service and follow the leading of the Spirit both musically and spiritually in unity and cooperation with our Pastor and other worship leaders. The main purpose of this ministry is to provoke the congregation into God’s presence.

Evangelistic Ministry

Evangelism Ministry provides teaching and training in evangelism, discipleship, and outreach. It is to go out and compel the people of all ages from highways, showing them the love of God, teaching them the walk of God, and reaching them in all areas of their life.

Women’s Ministry

The New Hope Baptist Church Women’s Ministry is a Christ-centered ministry that seeks to: unite the women through Christian fellowship that will promote spiritual, emotional, and physical growth. We will be mission minded as we embrace, encourage, and show the love of Jesus to women in our church family and community.

Dance Ministry

The Dance Ministry has the power to elevate God’s people into the heavenly realm of pure worship. This Ministry is not based on performance, but ministers to lift up Jesus and to inspire others to worship Jesus. This ministry is designed to enhance and enlighten spiritual awareness through dramatization, and to meet the needs of those members who are artistic in talent or desire to develop the necessary skills to worship the Lord in drama.